Key project --- Kyrgyzstan 2X40MVA power distribution project officially put into operation
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On July 10, 2019,ROOQ  Electric Co., Ltd. participated in the construction of the transformation and distribution of a large-scale gold mine project in Kyrgyzstan. It was successfully accepted and officially put into operation.

The project is located in eastern Kyrgyzstan which is  with an average altitude of 3000-4500 meters.It is very close to China. The project is a large open gold mining project jointly invested by China National Gold and Kyrgyzstan, with a total investment of 500 million yuan. ROOQ Electric Co., Ltd. actively responded to the national "One Belt One Road" construction policy, followed the development situation to "go out", and contracted the construction of the project's transformation and distribution materials, including 8 sets of large-scale European box transformers and 2 sets of large-capacity transformers. More than 100 sets of other switchgears, small and medium capacity transformers, structural parts and accessories.