Key Project——Power Distribution Project in Taraz was successfully delivered
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 On August 4, 2019, through 21 days of intensive production, ROOQ Electric Co., Ltd. participated in the construction of talaz power transformation and distribution project, and has completed the manufacturing, commissioning and smooth delivery of all high and low voltage project products.

  Taraz is located in the Zhambyl Region of Kazakhstan. It is an important city on the ancient Silk Road. It is dominated by plains, close to the Western Tianshan Mountains and close to Kyrgyzstan. It is a friendly province and state with Shaanxi. As China promotes the construction of the "Belt and Road" and my country has made new achievements in power development in recent years, more and more power projects in Kazakhstan have been invited by my country to participate in the construction. The Taraz power distribution project provides a total of 2 sets of 9.6m long large high-voltage box-type switching stations (one piece weighing nearly 10 tons), more than 40 sets of large and medium-sized transformers and other auxiliary accessories.



   In order to deliver the project on time, the company set up two sets of project teams led by the company’s deputy general manager, and have full control over the project quality, delivery time, logistics, etc. The transformer company and the complete equipment company respectively deal with transformers and switch stations. , The overall arrangement of the production of power boxes and related auxiliary accessories. The company overcame the summer high temperature weather, and finally completed the commissioning and delivery 4 days in advance. The product quality indicators are in line with national standards and passed the customer's factory acceptance.